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Here is How to Make Your Old Electronics a Work of Art

Here is How to Make Your Old Electronics a Work of Art

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  • Meet Chen Xingyi, a 21-year-old designer who takes apart old electronics and transforms them into amazing art.
  • The epic NFL’s Super Bowl half time performance was streamed on various Chinese media platforms and has been well-received among audiences in China.
  • The multinational online travel agency has announced that it will implement a hybrid work policy, making it possibly the first large company in China to adopt a hybrid work model.
  • How will Blue Bottle fare in ultra-competitive Shanghai? Who knows, but we’re excited to give it a try.
  • “Friends” fans have noticed several instances of censorship in a rereleased version of the hit TV show available on streaming platforms in China.

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Meet the Gen Z Designer Turning E-Waste into Art

When your electronic devices get old, malfunction, and eventually die after years of service, what do you do? You get a new one, of course.

But how do you deal with old electronics, as well as the digital memories and life experiences associated with them?

One option is to mail them to Chen Xingyi, a 21-year-old designer who disassembles and regroups electronic waste — aka e-waste — into works of art.

If you are looking for a creative way to deal with old electronics, Chen Xingyi is your man.

Music label Scandal is working to elevate female DJs and producers in China’s club scene, where males outnumber females by a considerable margin.

Over the past decade, Shanghai’s underground club culture has been on the rise, with labels and musicians from the city enjoying global media coverage and appearing at clubs and festivals all over the world. The city has come to be regarded as the center of electronic music in China.

Women have been at the forefront of Shanghai’s music success. Look no further than the producers on the roster of the city’s most famous electronic label, SVBKVLT.

While many of the producers in the local music scene are female, one new label is shining a light on the gender gap in Shanghai’s non-commercial clubs.

Lin shu was born in the Year of the Tiger more than three decades ago, in 1986. Now an artist in Shanghai, her work reveals an unexpectedly colorful and intimate side of China’s dynamic history.

She spends night after night stooped over her drawing table in a farmhouse in northern Shanghai. She finds inspiration in everything from colorful folk art to Chun Gong — an ancient style that depicts erotic scenes from past dynasties.

Click here for more videos from the ‘Spirit of the Tiger’ series.

  • The hip-hop track is a deep dive into the GAI’s past and the struggles he faced in order to succeed. The lyrics convey his loneliness and confusion, enhanced by the flowing of time and the changes in space.
  • Many international athletes have hit social media to share their thoughts about the food available to Olympians at Beijing 2022 - from Shaun White to Jenise Spiteri.
  • Chinese-Canadian pop star and creative entrepreneur Edison Chen has dropped a dope new collection of NFTs for Chinese New Year.
  • In addition to Yuzuru Hanyu’s undeniable talent, his handsome appearance and modest personality have also enthralled audiences in China during Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

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