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Anxious Parents, Vogue China’s First Black-Asian Model, and More

Zhong Feifei is making history by being the first biracial Black-Asian model to be featured on the cover of Vogue China.
Anxious Parents, Vogue China’s First Black-Asian Model, and More

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China’s Embattled For-Profit Tutoring Sector is Fueled by Anxious Parents

On June 9, China’s Ministry of Education founded the Department of Off-Campus Education Administration to regulate China’s after-school tutoring industry. During the May 2021 Conference of China’s Central Comprehensively Deepening Reforms Commission, Chinese President Xi Jinping and the conference committee reiterated that new policies would be needed to make school less stressful for students — with the target focused on after-school curriculum-based training centers.

The hammer fell last month when the State Council — China’s chief administrative authority — released new educational policies to reduce students’ workloads and tighten rules on for-profit curriculum tutoring companies.

Chinese students are famous for participating in excessive amounts of private tutoring outside of regular school hours. The government’s reform efforts aim to free Chinese students from their chronic academic stress. And while it’s easy to argue the regulatory changes will be positive for kids, some chicken parents are likely less than thrilled with the reforms.

What is ‘chicken parenting,’ and how have anxious parents been fueling the country’s enormous for-profit tutoring industry?

Yes, there’s a burro in the lesser-known Chinese film Mr. Donkey, but the film is so much more than that — serving as a metaphor for modern society, with raw humanity at its core.

Check out how despite limited financing and a lack of high-profile actors, Mr. Donkey became one of the best-performing domestic Chinese films in 2016.

Chinese-Congolese singer Zhong Feifei

In need of some fitspiration? Well, here you go.

Going to the gym has become a national pastime in China as more guys and girls go for those gains.

Denzel DeChosen asks if you even lift, bro, with this Chinese slang word — 撸铁 (lūtiě) — for for pumping iron and muscling up.

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