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A Bigger Deal Than Wonder Woman

Meet Jia Ling, who is now the world’s highest-grossing female director for a single film — beating out Patty Jenkins who previously held the title for directing Wonder Woman.
A Bigger Deal Than Wonder Woman

In China’s male-dominated film industry, Jia Ling has been pushing the status quo, establishing her place at the forefront of the Chinese movie scene after she smashed records with her debut directorial effort Hi, Mom.

Released during the 2021 Lunar New Year holiday, the film became the second highest-grossing film of all time at China’s box office, beating out the highly anticipated Detective Chinatown 3 which was released at the same time.

The wildly successful film also cemented her as the world’s highest-grossing female director for a single film — beating out Patty Jenkins who previously held the title for directing Wonder Woman. If that wasn’t impressive enough, Jia is also a successful comedian and actress and has founded her own production company called Big Bowl Entertainment.

Official trailer of Hi, Mom

Here's everything you need to know about the woman behind (and in front of) the camera.

A top-performing student from Hebei, who recently aced his gaokao exam, has been accused of elitism (and more) after saying that he’d like to “feast on the cabbages grown in the city.” Is he rightfully ambitious or borderline psychotic?

Is this the face of China's newest content creator? 

Tibetan heart-throb Ding Zhen, who became somewhat of a tourism icon last year, has created “Sichuan’s Little Horse Youth Culture Media Studio," which will focus on the country's entertainment scene, such as television production and performance management. Can't wait to see what's in store.

Burnt out and feeling like a slave at work? Chances are, you might be a "company livestock" (社畜).

Slang Dynasty is back, and Dabao is here to give us the lowdown on what Chinese people mean when they say they are “company livestocks":

Man, people sure are overworked these days.

Didi gets a major slap on the wrist.

After violating  privacy laws, China's biggest ride-hailing platform has been pulled from all mobile app stores. Some think the company deserves a second chance, but some are outright outraged.

Ddi you know that Zhang Yimou reworked a Coen Brothers classic in 2009? A Simple Noodle Story was a box office hit in China, but found a more mixed reception overseas.

Official trailer of A Simple Noodle Shop

Regardless, it's one of the most unlikely collisions of American and Chinese cinema that we’re ever likely to see.

On a grimmer note, over 20 WeChat accounts run by LGBTQ+ student groups at various Chinese universities were shut down on July 6th. This is everything we know thus far.

Is this a #MeToo movement in the making?

Things haven't been smooth-sailing for Kris Wu lately. Just last week, the popstar was accused of infidelity as well as predatory behavior by his rumored girlfriend.

Last but not least, the team at Dao Insights has produced a mini-documentary exploring the LGBTQ+ community in China. Specifically, their representation in Chinese society, family, media, the workplace, and in marketing campaigns.

Let’s take a moment to delve into the latest developments amongst the country’s estimated 70 million LGBTQ+ people:

Did you know? Homosexuality in China was first decriminalised in 1997.

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