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The “Glitter Queen Diva of China’s Underground Scene” Gets a Music Label

And they made us an exclusive mix.
The “Glitter Queen Diva of China’s Underground Scene” Gets a Music Label

For those of you too busy to check in on the RADII website every day, we’ve got you every Monday with a summary of all we got on China’s youth culture from the last week. In this edition:

  • Believe it or not: China is now a formidable force in what has become one of the world’s fastest-growing sports — mixed martial arts.
  • In Shanghai and a fan of Squid Game? See how you fare at the dalgona challenge.
  • Apple, think faster? A 22-year-old tech influencer has created a wireless charging desk before Apple could.

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Shanghai’s LGBTQ+ Medusa Club Night Becomes a Label + Exclusive Mix

Medusa club night has become one of China’s most popular underground parties since its inception back in 2016. It aims to provide a welcoming and safe space for LGBTQ+ folks while also putting on an interactive, exuberant show.

It’s no wonder how popular Medusa club night has become, as it regularly tours the country while also staying true to its roots by putting on a monthly show at their home base in Shanghai club Elevator.

Such is the strength of Medusa’s identity, and the community of talented producers, DJs, singers, and designers behind the parties, that two of the brains behind the party, Michael Cignarale and Sam Mau Mau, have launched a label that will take the music and energy from Medusa and place it on record for the world to hear.

Meet the “Glitter Queen Diva of China’s Underground Scene” and check out the exclusive china.wav mix they made for us.

Are you looking to up your footwear game?

From Anta’s collaboration with Golden State Warrior’s Klay Thompson to Feiyue’s mid-top take on its affordable staple, here are five dope kicks from Chinese brands that you’ve (probably) never heard of.

Got rice?

Much of rural Guizhou province has been relatively isolated from the rest of China until recently, when the region saw an upswing in tourism. Despite it all, these towns drop everything when it comes time to harvest the rice. Rice remains the backbone of these hillside villages.

Get a taste of Guizhou’s beauty with these stunning images.

  • “So bad, it’s good.” Chinese netizens are slamming the new East-West romantic fantasy film The Curse of Turandot.
  • Mercedes-Benz featured stand-up comedian Yang Li in its latest campaign and some people are not having it. (The comedian had previously created controversy over her “man-hating jokes” on a popular talk show.)
  • We had a ton of fun discovering new talents at Shanghai Fashion Week. To wrap up our fashion week coverage, here are five key things we learnt on and off the runway.
  • An enterprising street food stall in Shanghai has remodeled itself to serve the dalgona candy challenge from Squid Game to customers.

Are you still waiting on Apple to launch its wireless charging mat, AirPower? Well, maybe it’s time for you to move on to AirDesk, an upgraded, DIY version of AirPower.

He Tongxue, decided to make his own version of AirPower — but better. Instead of a wireless charging mat, he spent two months and made a multifunctional charging desk.

The desk even reminds you to stay hydrated.

Check it out below:

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