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The Five Freshest Talents from Shanghai Fashion Week SS22

Three chairs and endless inspirations from David Bowie.
The Five Freshest Talents from Shanghai Fashion Week SS22

For those of you too busy to check in on the RADII website every day, we’ve got you every Monday with a summary of all we got on China’s youth culture from the last week. In this edition:

  • Spotlighting the five new indie fashion designers who made their debut this season and will be influencing fashion for years to come.
  • China’s newest travel trend is fishing. Yes, fishing.
  • We collected some of the most interesting lewks of Shanghai Fashion Week SS22. Help us rate them.

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5 Fresh Talents from Shanghai Fashion Week’s Labelhood 2022 Spring/Summer Showcase

Labelhood closed the curtain on its Shanghai Fashion Week showcase on October 13. The leading fashion platform has curated fashion shows, rundesigner boutiques, and incubated new talents since launching in 2015 and is now a significant part of the semiannual fashion week.

This season, as usual, we saw several dynamic and creative talents debut. Upstart designers came into the spotlight with various viewpoints on what it takes to make a successful collection.

In no particular order, we’re excited to recap five emerging designers that came to the fore at Labelhood 2022SS. Look forward to sustainable fashion highlights, surprising vintage inspirations, and emotional personal experiences.

Get to know them here.

One of the creative areas that impressed us at this year’s Shanghai Fashion Week is ROOM ROOM, the runway area curated by SFW’s trade show arm, Ontimeshow:

Officially called the ‘West Bund Dome,’ this former factory space is now Asia’s largest venue for fashion runways.

Last week, the massive arena hosted a five-day fashion gala with eight prominent designer brands: Haizhen Wang, Qiuhao, KEH FORME, Jarel Zhang, SUSAN FANG, XIAO LI, Sweetpotato Chiu, and Angel Chen.

We stopped by the venue to check out SUSAN FANG’s floral daydream. More here.

  • Young China’s hooked (pun very much intended). That’s right — fishing might be the new glamping for GenZ kids sick of the urban grind.
  • A shared online spreadsheet documenting working hours across different industries in China has gone viral, as China’s young workers continue getting louder about not accepting the punishing conditions foisted upon them by office life.
  • For the love of fluff... Duffy the Disney Bear got attacked at Shanghai Disneyland. Netizens came to its defense immediately.
  • Sustainability brand Everlane has shut down all operations in China. Seems like survival isn’t easy, especially for fashion retail.

Just so you know, KnowKnow is back.

KnowKnow, of Higher Brothers’ fame, has just released three-part music videos that double as short films. It’s about a porter who works at a bar, but later finds his true calling as a rapper. That story seems... familiar.

Check out the first one here:

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