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Club Mate is the Newest Fad among China’s Party People

Club Mate is the Newest Fad among China’s Party People

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Herbal Beverage Club-Mate Is the Latest Craze Among Chinese Clubbers

Despite challenges caused by Covid, frequent crackdowns, and skyrocketing rents for venues, the live electronic music scene in China is alive and well, with local labels breaking boundaries and dozens of clubs across the country keeping the party going. Mate (pronounced mah-tay) soft drinks, canned, carbonated herbal beverages derived from a traditional South American caffeine-rich drink made with yerba mate, help fuel the late-night mayhem.

Carbonated mate-extract beverages have worked their way into the thick of China’s underground music community, especially in the burgeoning techno subculture, where some clubs stock up to 40 cases per month.

Find out how it ended up filling the glasses of the coolest underground clubs across China here

Is It a Waste for China’s PhDs to Teach in High Schools?

When the education bureau of Hangzhou, a city in affluent East China, released a list of newly-employed teachers in the city’s public high schools in February, some were surprised to note that four teachers have PhDs from prestigious Chinese universities, including the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Zhejiang University.

Among them, Dr. Jia Ke, who previously researched computer chips for the Institute of Computing Technology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is now teaching information technology at Xuejun High School, a top-ranking public institution in Hangzhou.

“Why do PhD graduates have to become professors or do something big? I don’t necessarily agree [that they have to],” said the academic in an interview.

“I will transfer what I learned during my PhD — learning methods, cutting-edge research in IT — to my students, who might go into the computer chip sector in the future,” she continued, adding, “It’s worth it.”

It’s no secret that public high schools in China’s first-tier cities are keen to recruit people who hold doctorates. In 2020, half of the newly employed teachers at Shanghai High School had PhD degrees under their belts, according to Shanghai’s human resources bureau.

High schools in Shenzhen, the tech hub of South China, have also become destinations for those with ‘Dr.’ titles.

Last year, a list that was widely circulated — first on social media before being picked up by state media in China — revealed that of the 66 newly employed teachers at Shenzhen Middle School, 27 had PhDs from some of the top schools worldwide.

What’s more, six of them previously held postdoctoral positions.

Considered one of the first Class-One Schools of Guangdong Province, the public high school requires educators to hold a master’s degree, at the very least, according to its 2021 recruitment notice.

✍🏼 What is causing this shift of mindset in PhD holders?

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