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The Home to China's Most Hardcore Gamers

The Home to China's Most Hardcore Gamers

The Golden Age of Arcade Video Games came during the 1980s; mostly thriving in the US and Japan. It wasn’t until the 1990s, however, that arcade gaming would come to China. Out of fear that the games were corrupting the youth, arcades in China were banned in the year 2000; but in 2009, that ban was lifted.

Today, there aren’t many hardcore arcades left. Much of the arcades that you’ll see now have newer machines and have a heavy focus on virtual reality games. One of the last of these hardcore arcades in China is Liehuo (烈火), Shanghai’s most famous arcade (and probably the best-known in all of China).

Interior at Liehuo

Boasting several rooms full of classic arcade titles, Liehuo is a historical site, and a necessary pilgrimage for any avid arcade explorer. Being one of China’s gaming headquarters for casual players and competitive masterminds alike, Liehuo has been able to actively preserve arcade culture for decades.

Liehuo’s titles run the gamut of well-known classics such as Time Crisis, Metal Slug, Street Fighter II, and a ton of King of Fighters cabinets. There’s also a thriving contingent of gamers who come to play music games like EZ2DJ and Dance Dance Revolution.

When compared to the great players in other countries like Japan and South Korea, China’s esport athletes and arcade savants have not received the amount of press from international publications as they probably should, but esports and arcade discourse in China is beginning to open up.

At Liehuo, we met with some of the arcades’ most passionate players:

The official cast of the live-action adaptation of Heaven Official’s Blessing has been announced. But can the team behind The Untamed catch magic in a bottle twice?

“My son’s skirt was pulled up by his classmates!! What should I do?!”

A dad shared the experience of his son wearing a skirt to school. And the internet couldn’t stop talking.

Riot Games and Tencent have just announced that League of Legends: Esports Manager has been approved for sale in China. Players can choose their favorite Tencent League of Legends Pro League, or “LPL” players, draft and build a team, as well as pit players against each other. It’s safe to say that everyone’s pumped.

Fun fact: A small portion of the world with a certain gene actually taste soap when they smell or taste cilantro leaves.
Fun fact: A small portion of the world with a certain gene actually taste soap when they smell or taste cilantro leaves.

Pizza Hut in Taiwan has launched a “century egg, cilantro, and pork blood cake” pizza with mozzarella cheese topping. Down to try it?

“TA” has become more mainstream for younger generations beyond Chinese queer and transgender circles.

The Chinese language is largely genderless, but have you ever wondered what are the gender-inclusive pronouns that have entered the contemporary lexicon?

PRIDE month might be over, but the rainbow has no end.

“Feminism is all about giving women free choice. They can cover up or expose their bodies as they want.”

One of China’s most famous comedians, Li Xueqin, has fueled a feminist debate after posing for a men’s magazine.

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