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Your New BFF (Bat Friend Forever), Kris Wu Detained by Police, and More

Meet Afu, the purple bat at the center of Fenta’s well-loved comic series.
Your New BFF (Bat Friend Forever), Kris Wu Detained by Police, and More

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Chinese Illustrator Fenta Built a World Around a Small Purple Bat

Shanghai-based illustrator Fenta’s comic series about a little purple bat called Afu is beautifully realized. Based in a fictional place called Golden Valley Forest Park and populated by a motley crew of quirky characters, including a boy named Da and a tall brown otter called Ta, the series has developed into a world unto its own.

Every great piece of work should have a great origin story. As Fenta, whose real name is Chen Fenda, tells us, “You need to do a lot of things to build a whole comic world. You need to come up with details of the city, the small town they’re living in.”

For him, he found his inspiration while he was living in the tiny attic of his sister’s apartment.

“I was living in an attic, and I felt like I was a bat living there. I wasn’t in a good mental state at the time,” Fenta tells us. “I wanted to use this diary format and turn myself into a bat living in an attic and have a conversation with myself. Or perhaps, through the bat’s view, look at the world and his life.”

Meet Afu, the purple bat that is the cynical center of Fenta's fantastic comic series.

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In case you missed it, here are some stories from last week:
Netizens were quick to chime in with their thoughts on Kris Wu’s rape allegations
  • Law enforcement in Beijing has detained pop idol Kris Wu for suspected rape.
  • Goodbye weekend tutoring? The State Council has called for all existing tutoring companies to turn into non-profit entities and to limit tutoring only to after school.
  • After a 50M RMB floor-relief donation, this Chinese brand saw a 52-fold sales increase.
  • Want to see what WeChat is about? Too bad. The app has temporarily halted user registration till August, and this is why.
  • People are super unimpressed with Angelababy’s donation to Henan flood relief efforts.
  • Two Wang Yibo fans installed a secret tracking device on his car, and illegally sold his location information for a profit. The line has surely been crossed.

Alvin explains how 'lying flat' – one of the newer slang words making the rounds on the Chinese internet – can be used to describe everything from the feeling of being overworked to familial stress to get married:

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