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Young China is Glamping Til They Drop, But Why?

They just wanna get out of the city.
Young China is Glamping Til They Drop, But Why?

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Why are Young Chinese People So Obsessed with Camping in 2021?

For years, conventional social activities in China have centered around shopping malls, restaurants, movie theaters, and KTVs. In post-Covid China, however, young people are tired of these traditional forms of socializing, and are gradually gravitating towards more adventurous experiences in their search for new forms of entertainment. In addition, with restrictions on traveling outside of the country, people are looking inwards but in a more creative fashion.

“Because of the pandemic, more and more young people are turning to domestic travel destinations,” says Dr. Han Shen, a professor at the Tourism Department at Fudan University in Shanghai.

But is the trend as transcendentalist as it sounds?

Shenwei, a travel blogger with over 10 million followers on Chinese microblogging site Weibo, believes the rising camping trend in China “has nothing to do with embracing nature,” but is, “just part of the wanghong culture.”

“A very small percentage of people I know online or offline who are talking about camping grasp the true spirit of it. Most people are just there to take photos,” says Shenwei.

Are young Chinese influenced by nature or unnatural influencers?

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