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Curious About DJing In Shanghai? Here's the Gate

Curious About DJing In Shanghai? Here's the Gate

Too busy to check in on the RADII website every day? We got you every Monday with a summary of all the freshest takes on China’s youth culture in the last week:

  • China’s Queen of the Livestreaming Industry – Huang Wei, or Viya — has been fined over 1.34 billion RMB (about $210 million USD) for tax evasion. The lesson here is simple: Pay your damn taxes!
  • Turns out, ​​popularity comes at a price in China’s entertainment industry. Investigations exposed that many TV programs in the country manipulate viewership data.
  • If you come across a DJ with a crystal-like USB drive that has a ‘門 (Gate)’ on it, there’s a good chance it’s one of Gate Music’s many alumni.

Intrigued? Keep scrolling, my friend.

Shanghai-Based Music School Opens the Gate for Underground Musicians

Located in a basement in one of Shanghai’s busiest districts, Gate Music brings the art of underground (literally) music production to the people, making access to the creative form possible for anyone eager to learn. It’s known in local circles that if anyone wants to study DJing and electronic music production, Gate Music is the go-to choice.

We meet the managing couple, Hank Yang and Amber Wang, on a Thursday afternoon while they’re not tied up in the office. Most students have jobs or school commitments during the day, so they usually come to learn and practice at night or on weekends.

Yang and Wang founded Gate Music back in 2018, a facility comprised of a music training center, studio space, and an event brand, among other business modes. At the time, they wanted to create a company that they both loved and could also genuinely help people.

Interested in DJing or music production?

Do people in China celebrate Christmas?

In recent years, media coverage of Christmas in China has primarily focused on the crackdowns on Yuletide celebrations and imagery in some Chinese cities and counties.

We’re taking a look at how people in China are celebrating the holiday with this brilliant explainer video dropped by San Francisco-based 1990 Institute.

The institute’s YouTube channel is loaded with tons of amazing China-related content, and we encourage curious minds to take a look.

  • From the chicken feet boots that Doja Cat wore to a mouthwatering jianbing blanket, check out our holiday gift guide before it's too late.
  • We spoke with Andrew Spalter, an organizer of Westlife’s recent online performance, about working with the boy band and WeChat on the top-rated concert.

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