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10 Chinese Athletes that Won Our Hearts at Tokyo 2020 Olympics

The Tokyo Olympics just concluded and we’re reminiscing on the fantastic sportsmanship Team China displayed.
10 Chinese Athletes that Won Our Hearts at Tokyo 2020 Olympics

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10 Chinese Athletes that Won Our Hearts at Tokyo 2020 Olympics

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games concluded yesterday, August 8. To celebrate the incredible sportsmanship and athleticism that was on display, we’ve rounded up 10 athletes from Team China that wowed us and viewers worldwide — from Sunisa Lee’s best friend, 16-year-old Chinese gymnast Guan Chenchen, to the first Chinese man to enter the men’s 100-meter final at the Olympics, Su Bingtian.

Do you know all 10 of these phenomenal athletes that won our hearts during the Tokyo Olympics?

Are you single as a pringle? You're not alone.

China has the biggest single population in the world - 1/5th of adults! But dating life is not easy, especially for women. They may face social pressure or judgment, not to mention worries about their safety.

That’s where boyfriend cafes come in: it's for the girl who's single and just wants to mingle.

We went to The Promised Land, a boyfriend cafe in Shanghai where cute guys are employed to serve drinks, play games and chat with female customers.

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Young China's penchant for fried chicken ranges from ancient hulu chicken to Korean chimek
  • Chinese people love fried chicken just as much as Americans, if not more. Learn about its 1,000-year history history here, the international varieties that have captured Chinese hearts, and the high-flying local players now crowing for dominance.
  • After being detained for suspected rape, Chinese-Canadian pop idol Kris Wu has been cancelled on multiple social media platforms.
  • China’s recent spike of Delta variant cases means that many concerts and music festivals have been postponed or cancelled. Were you planning on going to one?
Teenage diver Quan Hongchan
  • 14-year-old diver Quan Hongchan shattered records and took home the 33rd gold medal for China during the Tokyo Games, making her the latest Olympic heroine.
  • Need proof that age is just a number? This Shanghai-born mom is a 58-year-old table tennis athlete who just competed in her fifth Olympic Games in Tokyo.

We're not the only ones who've noticed that a lot of people don't look like the pictures they post on social media, right?

There's a slang term for that: zhao pian (照骗), a homonym that sounds similar to "camera picture" but actually translates to "selfie-ing a lie."

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